On Any Given Sunday

One of the things you are going to be struck with when coming to Fresh Encounter Fellowship is that we are a friendly and relaxed place to join in a meaningful worship of God. We serve coffee, pastries, and juice for all who want to take part in those things. The set up of our Worship room makes it easy to manage that with small tables and chairs perfect to gather with family, sit with friends, or just enjoy a comfy spot sip coffee or take notes.

The overall tone of our services is causal and contemporary. Almost every week you will be singing one of the songs you have been listening to on the radio. Our worship team does a wonderful job of blending different styles of music. We have even been known to have a song that was not written specifically for a church setting but has great meaning. Our worship team has grown and matured into powerful help in leading our hearts into worship. Not only has God brought us people who want nothing more than to place God as the center of our praise, but they are incredibly talented as well. We are blessed to have them as a part of our time of praise each week.

We have open communion each week for those who desire to take part. 

When it is time for the message of the week, we dismiss the children from preschool through high school to go to their own classes. Our large class rooms and loving, excited teachers make this a great time for learning and fun. Since our building was recently an elementary school, the rooms are very kid friendly and safe.

The rest of us stay together and hear a message that is clear and relevant. We have a loose style and may well stop everything when a need for prayer is made known to us. We have a deep commitment to the Bible as God's revealed word and we always turn to it for the answers. 

9:00 a.m. – Fellowship // Coffee + Juice + Donuts
9:45 a.m. – Time of Worship
10:15ish a.m. – Children dismissed for Sunday School Classes // Others remain for morning message